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Urban gear with the best protection against the cold

As the slang called "bubble jacket" shows, the undulating ridges and bulges are one of the major features of down jackets. However, it is also true that the looks tend to emphasize the side of outdoor gear. In RATS , we aimed to wear 1 , which can be worn in the city with a structure that does not expose the ridges, while maintaining the voluminous feel of a down jacket. The 1 wear, which was commissioned by Kawada Feather, a male domestic down maker, is an authentic group using 750 fill power white duck down. The original cotton shell has a matte texture and a less tech feel, so you can wear it smartly as everyday wear. Of course, the high heat retention is exceptional, the above-mentioned structure makes it difficult for feathers to pop out, and the hem is equipped with a D can to which a key chain etc. can be attached, and the functional aspect is also solid.

This product will be released in November.

No: 21'RJ-1107

Fabric: Cotton 100%

Length / Width / Shoulder width / Sleeve length