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B.D shirt with both masculinity and nobleness

Oxford shirt with a classic overall pattern. The original fabric ordered from a fabric maker in Nishiwaki prefecture in Hyogo prefecture is produced by a shuttle loom that slowly knits without applying tension to the yarn. The production efficiency is poor, but you can enjoy the good texture and aging that you can see in vintage. RATS has the spirit of an outsider, but this kind of shirt has a button-down design that can be worn neatly and neatly. I also recommend wearing a plain knit or sweatshirt that allows you to see the pattern a little from the inside.

No: 21'RS-0804

Fabric: Cotton 100%

Length / Width / Shoulder width / Sleeve length

S: 68 / 55.5 / 47/59

M: 70 / 57.5 / 48/60

L: 72 / 60.5 / 51/61

XL: 74 / 63.5 / 54/62

XXL: 76 / 66.5 / 57/63